Are you struggling to come up with catchy headlines that get the reader’s attention and help you rank on Google?

I feel you…

Headline writing is one of the greatest skills a business owner, a blogger, a copywriter can have. Why? Let me explain that with only a quote:

80% of readers never make it past the headline: According to some sources, on average, eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest. – Nathan Safran,

This is why you should be working on your headline writing skills like any other skill that you’re improving. This is not only important for great blog post ideas but also any social media update that you do nowadays.

  • Sharing a post on LinkedIn? You gotta have a catchy headline to start with. Otherwise, you’ll lose 80% of your readers.
  • Shooting a YouTube video? Headline writing is more than important with Video SEO. If you want someone to click on your video rather than your competitor’s video, you gotta be great a writing a headline.
  • Writing an SEO blog post? This is important if you want people to click on your blog post rather than someone else’s post. This is highly important for ranking and engagement purposes.

Trust me…

I can give you a lot more examples but I guess that right now, we both agree that headline writing is important. Again remember this:

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece. – Copyblogger

Headline Writing Made Easy In 3 Steps

Well, here is the surprise… We’ve formatted this blog post in a 3 step process. Let’s look at the overview:

  1. Learn the theory of headline writing (for knowledge).
  2. Read our 99 catchy headlines examples (for inspiration).
  3. Write the best possible headline in 15 minutes (for taking action).

Sounds great, right?

Yes! It’s not even great but also easy. When writing this post, we had a vision of it being the go-to headline writing information source on the internet. So whenever you’re stuck with your creative processes, come back to this post and finish your job.

A Story About A Headline Formula That Added 1000 New Organic Visitors In 15 Days

This was at the beginning of 2017. I had just started out with producing consistent SEO optimized blog posts for my personal website.

The truth is, I was just using some basic principles that I had learned from a friend who had 8 different niche websites. But really… Even though I had a bit of a following, the engagement was bad. People were not reacting to the content I was producing.

This had to change.

So I took a writing course that also taught some headline writing skills.

While going through the course, I had an impactful realization. Nobody was engaging with the content because 80% of people were leaving the blog post after they had read the headline.


So I followed the strategies and also read some blog posts about headline writing. Here is a quick tip: The biggest mistake people are making when writing a blog post is that they are only writing 1 headline.

What do I mean?

Here is the scenario: You’re working on your blog post, writing carefully (and hopefully with joy)… Once you finish the post, you come back to the headline, trying to figure out something.

Let’s say the topic is about affiliate marketing… You silently think: “Hmm… Affiliate Marketing… Affiliate Secrets… Making money with affiliate marketing… Ultimate Guide… I got it! The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing. Yes!”

This was the first and only time when you were thinking about the headline. And unfortunately, without going deep into the thought process, you’ve decided to choose your first idea.


People make the same mistake with writing advertisements, social media content, sales pages, home pages, email subject lines…

The biggest mistake people are making when writing a blog post is that they are only writing 1 headline.

The Ugly Truth About Your Chosen Headline

Here is my first critical advice: Assume that your first 10 headline ideas are going to be BAD.

They are going to suck!

No, I’m not kidding…

Your first brainstormed 10 headlines are just a warmup. Nothing else. If you follow this rule, you’ll eventually end up with the most catchy headline combination. You’ll be so unique, that nobody has ever thought about the same headline before.

This makes headline writing great! Don’t forget that this is a creative process and you gotta open up yourself to new ideas.

To let that creativity flow, you gotta practice and warm up first. Got it?

So here is the general rule: Write 20-30 headlines before choosing one. This rule is applicable to all of your content.

  • For Facebook ads.
  • For LinkedIn ads.
  • Blog posts.
  • All sort of social media updates (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
  • For sales pages.
  • For email subject lines.
  • And even for your online dating profile (I’m 100% real).

Back to the story…

As soon as I’ve changed my headline writing strategy, I came up with great catchy headlines.

headline writing proof
The spike happened when Google caught up on the new headlines writing strategies.

The strategy was simple: I never stopped writing headlines before I had at least 20 headlines on the paper. Even though sometimes I stopped, let’s say at headline number 8 and thought to myself “Yes, that’s it!”, I decided to just produce more. If you follow this rule, you’ll end up with a catchy headline that you’re 100% confident with.

We call this “The Headline Multiplier Rule”.

Got it? Take note of this rule because you’ll need it from now on.

One Headline Writing Tactic That Got 500K+ Views on One YouTube Video

Back in 2014, I decided to start a YouTube channel. The channel grew to 15K subscribers but then for some reason, I changed the traffic strategy to blogging. Anyway, one headline writing strategy that I learned back then, helped one video get over 500K views in about a year.

This was a game-changer.

Fast forward a couple of years later, we decided to use the same strategy on our blog posts. Guess what…

It worked.

Yes, since I’ve learned this secret tactic from a friend, we’ve been using it on all our blog posts. It’s called the “Double Keyword Injection”. Don’t worry, we’re not going to charge you for this secret idea. I’m about to share it with you.


Before you implement this strategy, you already got to know what you’re writing. For great blog post ideas, read our guide on it. In that article, we also teach about the Keyword Suggestion strategy.

Two things have to be ready right now:

  1. Blog Post Topic.
  2. Preferred Keyword(s).

Let’s assume that you’re writing about dog training. We all know that this a great niche. Just follow the process below:

  1. Open up a Keyword Tool.
  2. Type “Dog Training”.
  3. Look for relevant keywords that you can combine within one headline.
  4. Choose 2 keywords.
  5. Write combinations using those two keywords.

Just by doing quick research, I found that “dog training” and “dog tricks” are getting great search volume. And both can be combined in a headline without looking weird.

If you can’t come up with any keywords, just watch the video below to gather your keywords. It’s practical and quick.

The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships. – Leo Burnett

Quick Brainstorming Session

Let’s think…

  • Dog Training 101 – Top 10 Dog Tricks That You Can Teach Your Dog in 10 Days
  • Easy Dog Tricks – The Simplest Dog Training Method That You Can Use Today

Got it?

(NOTE: Both of these keywords have a lot of competition. So if you want to rank your post on keywords with this search volume, you better back up your content with some real quality information. Just a side note…)

What we did here is to combine 2 keywords in one headline. This is the Double Keyword Injection Formula. It will definitely give you an advantage.

And once you do this with 20-30 headlines (remember the Headline Multiplier Rule), you’ll eventually come up with the greatest headline of all times 😉


There is actually something that I didn’t mention. Like I said in the headline of this blog post, there will be 99 catchy headline examples in the end. You can choose whatever you like the most.

But I want to share my favorite headline formula first before giving you all the other examples. I call this “The Complimentary Headline Formula”.

Our Top Preferred Headline Writing Formula – The Complimentary Headline

Do you remember the dog training headline examples that I gave a couple of paragraphs ago? Those were created with the complimentary headline formula.

It’s simple:

[Catchy Headline]: Subheadline

This is the only headline strategy that I’ve used on my personal blog. And now the top-ranking posts are getting close to 80K visitors a month.

The reason I love this formula is that you can easily implement the Double Keyword Injection strategy. Well, of course, you can also do it with other headline formulas but I personally find this very effective.

  1. Start with a headline.
  2. Put a colon.
  3. Add a subheadline.

The first part before the colon can be a keyword-based headline. At least that’s how I do it. Like “Dog Training 101:…”. Or “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:…”.

After the colon, you’re going to think about the subheadline. Try to implement your second keyword in this section.

That it is.

Using this formula, we’ve generated a lot of traffic and leads in the past couple of years. I can even say that this is literally a secret. But here it is:

I’ve shared it with you.

At this point, you might be thinking: “What kind of headline can we use for subheadlines?”. Let me tell you… Even though I’m calling it subheadline, it’s no different than a regular headline. So don’t make it complicated in your head. Just think of it as a regular headline.

And for the general theory, there are 8 different headline strategies that you can use.

headline writing meme

8 Headline Strategies Backed Up By The Science of Psychology

There are basically 8 strategies that you can use in every headline that you’re writing. Buffer has an in-depth article on these strategies but here is a quick recap:

  1. Surprise: “This is NOT great advice (but it can be)”
  2. Questions: “Do you know how to boost your immune system?”
  3. Curiosity: “10 Dog Training Tricks (the 9th is weird)”
  4. Negatives: “Never Struggle With Traffic Again”
  5. How to: “How To Gain 1 kg Lean Muscle in 2 Weeks”
  6. Numbers: “7 YouTube Channels That Make You A Happier Person”
  7. Referencing the audience: “For Business Owners That Can’t Keep Great Employees”
  8. Specificity: “The 3-Step Process From $0 To $5K A Month”

This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Quick Exercise

Hopefully, you now understand that headline writing is as important as copywriting for any sales page, advertisement, etc. This is a skill that you can work and improve on. So why don’t we just exercise what we have learned so far?

Here is what you have to do:

Go and check your latest blog post/sales page/advertisement/email campaign/podcast… Of course, if you have a blog, please go and look up there.

Pull out a piece of paper and write the current headline on top of the page. Easy, right? Okay… Now go back to the 8 headline strategies that we’ve talked about above and choose one of them.

Here you go: How can you change the current headline so that it fits the strategy you’ve chosen? Let me give you an example…

  • Current Headline: How To Gain Muscle While Losing Fat?
  • Numbers: These 2 Changes in My Training Helped Me To Gain Muscle While Losing Fat
  • Referencing Audience: For Fitness Enthusiasts That Are Struggling to Gain Muscle While Losing Fat
  • Specificity: 3-Month Process To Growing Muscle While Losing Fat

Got it?

If you can see, some of those strategies are even combined in one headline. For example, the “Numbers” headline has also some form of Curiosity in it. You can definitely do that. Now your exercise here is to get your current headline and change it as I did. This is just to get more creative and letting your brain think better through it.

Do this with at least additional 3 strategies. If you want a challenge, try to change your current headline in all those strategies.

Headline Writing Examples – Catchy Headlines To Get Inspired From

What did we talk about so far?

  • You’ve learned about the Headline Multiplier Rule. This will help you to build upon your creativity and choose the best possible headline that gets visitors to your blog post.
  • You’ve learned about the Double Keyword Injection Method. This helps you rank higher on Google with a better chance because you’re tackling 2 strong keywords in a natural way.
  • You’ve learned about our favorite Complimentary Headline Formula. This is the formula that helped us get thousands of organic clicks every day.
  • You’ve learned about the 8 Headline Writing Strategies. This will help you stop creative blockages and directly speak to the consumer’s subconscious.

Just by using these, you’re better off than 99% of your competition. But wait… There is definitely more!

When writing this go-to guide, I thought to myself: “Hmm… What else can I do for my wonderful reader?”...

After thinking for a couple of minutes, I realized how important inspiration is. That’s why I went to the good old internet and compiled the most catchy headline formulas that ever existed in this universe.

Wow! Am I a good man or what?

Just kidding.

Here is a list of the best headlines on the internet. Read through them and get inspired!

(NOTE: Most of these examples can be used as “fill out the blank space” types. But I highly encourage you to just play around with them and improve YOUR own headline writing skills. Trust me, once you’re comfortable with all the methods we’ve talked about, you’re going to be a king of getting attention with your headlines.)

“Removing Problems From Your Life” Type of Headline Writing Examples

1. Get Rid Of [Insert Problem] For Good.
2. How To Get Rid Of [Insert Problem].
3. [Insert Problem]? Here Is A Way To Fix It
4. The Quickest Solution For [Insert Problem].
5. Is [Insert Problem] Affecting Your [Insert Their Desire]?

“Playing With Their Curiosity” Type of Headline Writing Examples

6. [Insert Number] Key Benefits of [Insert Service/Product]
7. What Everybody Ought To Know About [Insert Pain].
8. [Insert Number] Essential Ingredients For [Insert Goal].
9. The [Insert Number] Commandments of ____
10. [Insert Number] Rules For ____
11. Why [Insert Your Products Main Benefit] Is The Key To [Insert Goal].
12. [Insert Number] Most Effective Tactics To ___
13. Best Advice Ever: ____
14. [Insert Number] Tips For [Insert Goal] That You Absolutely Can’t-Miss.
15. [Insert Number] Must-Read ___ On [Insert Goal/Pain]

“Quick And Easy Solution” Type of Headline Writing Examples

16. The [Insert Adjective] Shortcut To [Insert Goal]
17. How To [Insert Goal] in [Insert Number] Minutes
18. Double Your [Insert Goal] Results Without [Insert Pain]
19. How To [Insert Goal] in [Insert Number] Steps
20. [Insert Number] Easy Things You Can Do To [Insert Goal]
21. How To Quickly [Insert Goal]
22. [Insert Number] Guaranteed Ways To Make Your ____ Easier
23. How To Make A [Insert Goal] The Easy Way
24. 1 Simple Rule To [Insert Goal]
25. How To Jump Start Your [Insert Goal]
26. Try These [Insert Number] ____ For A Week, And Double Your [Insert Goal]
27. How To [Insert Goal] Without [Insert Pain]
28. Give Me 20 Minutes And I Give You [Insert Goal]
29. [Insert Number] Practical Tips To Create [Insert Goal] In Under 20 Minutes
30. [Insert Number] Coolest Hacks For [Insert Goal]
31. [Insert Number] Tips For Quick And Easy [Insert Goal]
32. ___ Your [Insert Goal] In [Insert Number] Days or Less
33. [Insert Number] Easy Fixes To [Insert Pain]

“Entice Them With Their Fear” Type Of Headline Writing Examples

34. [Insert Number] [Insert Their Enemy] That Will Destroy Your [Insert Goal]
35. Do You Think That You Know How To [Insert Goal]?
36. Are You Still Wasting Money On ___?
37. When [Insert Goal] Backfires: How To Stop [Insert Fear]?
38. [Insert Number] Things That Will Make You Crazy In [Insert Pain].
39. How To [Insert Goal] The Right Way
40. [Insert Number] Major Mistakes Most [Insert Their Business] Continue To Make
41. [Insert Number] Things You Should Never Do With [Insert Goal]
42. How NOT To Become A [Insert Goal]
43. Are You Losing [Insert Goal] Due To [Insert Their Blockage]?
44. [Insert Number] Rookie Mistakes [Insert Their Business] Make
45. [Insert Number] Questions You Should Ask Before [Insert Goal]
46. [Insert Number] Biggest Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them
47. Warning: [Complete Sentence]

“Be Their Instructor” Type of Headline Writing Examples

48. [Insert Number] Resources To Help You [Insert Goal]
49. The Essential Guide To [Insert Goal]
50. The Dos and Don’ts of [Insert Goal]
51. The Step By Step Guide To [Insert Goal]
52. The Complete Library Of [Insert Goal]
53. Beginners Guide: [Insert Goal]
54. How To [Insert Goal]: A [Insert Adjective] Survival Guide
55. The Practical Guide To [Insert Goal]
56. The Definitive Checklist For [Insert Goal]
57. The Ultimate Guide To [Insert Goal]
58. The Complete Guide To [Insert Goal]
59. [Insert Number]-Point Checklist: How To [Insert Goal]
60. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On [Insert Goal]

“Spice Up Their Imagination With Big Promises” Type of Headline Writing Examples

61. Want To [Insert Goal]? Now Is The Time!
62. How To Create The Perfect [Insert Goal]?
63. [Insert Number] ___ That Will Make You [Insert Desire]
64. [Insert Number] Tips To Skyrocket Your [Insert Goal]
65. [Insert Number] Steps To Turn [Insert Pain] Into [Insert Goal]
66. How To Create ___ To Explode Your [Insert Goal]
67. [Insert Number] Ways To Master Your [Insert Goal]
68. How To ___ Your [Insert Goal] For Massive Growth
69. [Insert Number] Ways To Supercharge Your [Insert Goal]
70. How To Completely Change [Their Current Situation]?
71. How To Own Your Next [Insert Goal]?
72. How To [Insert Goal] Like An Expert/Pro?
73. How To Permanently Stop [Insert Pain], Even If You’ve Tried Everything
74. [Insert Number] ___ That Will Change Your Life
75. Never Worry About [Insert Pain] Again

“Persuading With Data” Type of Headline Writing Examples

76. The Guaranteed Method To [Insert Goal]
77. The Definitive Proof That [Insert Your Product] Is ___
78. [Insert Number] Out Of [Insert Number] People Don’t [Insert Pain]. Are You One Of Them?
79. The Science Of [Insert Goal]: How To [Insert Goal]
80. [Insert Product] That Will Skyrocket Your [Insert Goal] By [Insert Number]% In [Insert Number] Years/Months/Days
81. [Insert Number] Proven Ways To [Insert Goal]
82. [Insert Number] Easy Ways To [Insert Feature] That Are Proven To [Insert Goal]
83. [Insert Number] [Insert Product Feature] That Are Proven To [Insert Goal]
84. [Insert Number] Data-Driven [Insert Feature] To [Insert Goal]
85. [Insert Number] Facts About [Insert Goal]
86. What [Insert Number] Studies Say About [Insert Goal]
87. [Insert Number] Fool-Proof Tactics To Get More [Insert Goal]
88. [Insert Number] Epic Formula(s) To [Insert Goal]
89. [Insert Number] Surefire Formula(s) That Work With [Insert Goal]

“Bonus” Headline Writing Examples

90. How [Insert Company] Got [Insert Result] In [Insert Timeframe]
91. [Insert Number] Reason Why You’re [Insert Pain]
92. A [Insert Powerful Adjective] Tutorial To [Insert Goal]
93. How To [Insert Goal] Like [Insert Celebrity]
94. [Insert Their Goal] NOW!
95. [Include Target Audience]! Are You [Insert Pain]?
96. [Insert Number] [Insert Experts] Share Their View On [Insert Goal]
97. You [Include 3 Or Fewer Words That Summarize Your Topic]
98. Imagine [Include Desired Outcome]
99. Breaking: [Include A Story]

Conclusion: Be A Headline Writing Expert!


I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of this guide for headline writing strategies. Believe it or not, this guide will give you all you need. Remember the process I’ve outlined at the beginning of this guide?

  1. You’ve learned the theory of headline writing (for knowledge).
  2. You’ve read our 99 catchy headlines examples (for inspiration).
  3. You’re going to write the best possible headline in 15 minutes (for taking action).

Now you have the knowledge and the inspiration… It’s time to take action. Here is your homework:

  1. Bookmark this page for future reference.
  2. Choose your latest content/ad/email campaign…
  3. Scroll down to the comments section of our blog post.
  4. Write the headline of your latest content/ad/email campaign…
  5. Choose 5 examples or strategies that you’ve learned in this blog post.
  6. Rewrite your headline using the 5 strategies/examples. Write them in the comments section below.
  7. Leave us a comment on what you liked the most about this guide.
  8. Publish your comment now.

Can you do that for me?

Let’s go!

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