10 Point Blog Optimization Blueprint That Helps You fill your pipeline with high quality leads


Do you feel anxious when you lose a major client?

Business is wonderful when you have a good amount of clients and customers. But what do you do when you lose a client that contributes to a major portion of your revenue? Stop the worry of chasing new clients every time you need one. Fill your pipeline with this 10-point blog optimization blueprint proven to increase organic traffic.

Strategically rate the most critical 10 elements on every blog post. So that you prevent the sad feeling of "0 Social Shares" and "0 Comments".
Optimize the 5 important on-page SEO components. So that your posts don't end up on page 48 on Google.  
Brainstorm a clear-cut Call to Action (CTA). So that your content not only grows awareness, but it also generates leads for your business.
Use the 7 consumption strategies for maximum attention. So that your reader does not leave after the 2nd paragraph, but stays hooked until the end.

In fact, here are the results that we've achieved on one of our websites. The spike in organic traffic happened after we've started optimizing our blog content. The results may vary depending on your industry:

Never Waist Time Chasing New Clients

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