While I was hanging out with a couple of friends and sipping from the Cappucino, the screen of my phone lighted up.

A reminder…

“Publish New Blog Post… In 3 days…”

You probably know the feeling of being tight on your schedule. You know that you have a lot more work to do but there is not enough time. And on top of that, if you have to write another piece of a blog post but you have no clue about the next few blog post ideas, things become way more difficult.

And intense…

I felt that intensity in my body because I literally couldn’t think of any blog post ideas. The reason for that was that our website had already created blog posts for all the important topics. By important I mean blog topics that our customers were searching for.

Yes, we’ve covered all of them. And that’s why the website was getting 80K visitors a month at that time.

“What topic should I write about next?”

That was the question in my head. Thankfully, there are great methods for doing customer research and finding great blog post ideas. Great customer research is the first step for an optimized blog content that generates traffic and actual customers.

You would agree with me if I say that you have to talk about the questions in your customer’s head, right?


Would you also say “Yes!” when I asked you if you can tell me the 10 best blog topics that your customers are searching for?


If you can’t come up with the answer, don’t worry. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly the “Blog Post Ideas Generation Formula” that we use on our own websites and clients’ websites.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

An Easy Way To Start Gathering Blog Post Ideas In The Next 24 Hours


Where is the easiest and quickest place that you can gather information about your audience?

Got an answer?

Easy: Your existing customers!

If you have a client base (which I assume that you have), just go and ask them what they are struggling with these days.

The name for this process is called “Customer Conversations”. Here is what you have to do in the next few hours:

  1. Make a list of 5 customers (or prospects).
  2. Send them an email with a link to schedule a call.
  3. State very clearly that this will be a 10-minute interview to learn about their current situation. So that you can CREATE A BLOG POST SPECIFICALLY DEDICATED FOR THEM.

Quick Tip: The 10-minute time frame is a way to relieve your customers. It assures them that you won’t take much of their time. And by just investing 10 minutes, they will get the benefit of a blog post that is written “only” for them.

Check out this video for more information:

NOTE: Don’t forget you can also ask prospects to get on a call with you. People that already have paid can be more valuable. But if you can’t find enough of them, ask your prospects for a quick interview.

Email Template To Set Up An “Blog Post Ideas Generation” Interview

Here is a quick email template that you can use today. Don’t hesitate to take action right after this blog post.

“Hey, John!

I hope that you’re doing great!

Look, we are creating a content schedule at the moment. To create the perfect solution platform, aka our blog, we’re doing customer research so we can write about the best blog topics.

The first person that came into my mind is you. If you’d like to read a solution that is specifically written for your situation, let’s hop on a 10-minute interview call. The next post will only be written for you.

Let me know.

If that excites you, schedule a call using this link: Schedule Link.

Kind Regards,
Your Name”

The reason why this template works, is that we as humans are selfish. If there is something that is made for you, you won’t want to miss it and get it right now (read this post for more information)

3 Questions To Unfold Your Customer’s Inner World


Now you have a couple of calls scheduled up. But what are you going to specifically ask or say DURING the call? This is the time where we have to be strategic. We can’t leave this up to luck because the information you’re about to gather can change the future of your business.

Remember this valuable information:

If you can describe your audience’s situation better than they can, you’ve won. This means that now there is a way higher chance that they will become your customers! That’s why this call is immensely important.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service sells itself. – Peter Drucker

Question Number One

The first question is all about the goal. You’re about to discover your prospects/customers one goal, that would have a big impact on his business/life.

“What achievement in the next 6 months would totally transform your business?”

Here, you’re looking for an impact. This impact has to be powerful! At the same time, look for something that is:

  1. Difficult and Transformative.
  2. Achievable (within his reach).

The second part is very important. Dreaming big is great and motivates a lot of people. But if you’re setting up a goal far beyond your reality, it can be frustrating. So as an expert, always look for something that is difficult but achievable. Your customers will be happier with your service if you follow this approach.

If you can describe your audience’s situation better than they can, you’ve won.

Question Number Two

The next question will dig deeper into the motivation behind their goal. This is important.

Many times when we set a goal, we get inspired by outside circumstances. Your client/prospect is probably being affected by people or things around him. That’s why he’s choosing that particular goal.

Once you get behind the goal and question his reason, things will become emotional. Now it’s not just thinking from the logical mind, but also feeling with the heart.

“Please rate it from 1 to 10 (1 being the least important and 10 being very important). How important is [use their words about their goal] to you? Why?”


Why combining the question with a “Why”, you’ve double hit your client. Now he has to feel with his heart. Logic becomes secondary while answering this question.

Congrats – You’ve opened the doors to his motivation.

Question Number Three

So far, you’ve discovered the end goal. The huge need/want… But if it was easy for your client, he would have already achieved it.


Exactly… So something is blocking the way. And trust me: The person in front of you has already a gut feeling about what is stopping him.

We gotta get that out!


Because if you know what he’s trying to overcome, we can create a more suitable action plan. This will lead him to think “Holy s#!t. This person knows exactly what I’m struggling with.”. You’re definitely after this reaction. Therefore, just continue by using the next question:

“What do you think/assume… What is stopping you/slowing you down/blocking you from achieving the [explain goal using his words]?”

This is so powerful!

Whenever I ask my clients/prospects this question, they need a second or two to think through it. And I know exactly while they are trying to think about an answer, their emotions are also getting activated.

That’s it!

The 3 questions that you’ve learned are enough to know exactly what your clients/prospects are looking for. And if you can guide them through the solution, you’ll be a leader and an expert in their eyes.

Trust will be built immediately. The reason is that you’re one of the ratest people who understand them. This effect is created if you’re speaking with their words.

So don’t forget to note everything down (or even record the conversation).

The Secret Conversational Tactic That Creates High Emotions in Your Client

This is very easy BUT effective. Whenever you’re in a conversation with a prospect or a client, make this question a HABIT!

Are you ready for the secret? Here we go…


Yes… The secret conversational tactic is the question “why?”. Let’s give a couple of examples:

You: What’s your revenue goal this year?
Client: 150K.
You: How are you going to celebrate once you reach this goal?
Client: I’m going to take a vacation with my family.
You: Why?
Client: I’m putting all this effort because of my family. They mean everything to me.

(You can go deeper by asking “What do you mean with ‘they mean everything to you?”)

You: What’s your favorite color?
Person: Red.
You: Why “red”?
Person: As a child, I was a fan of the red power ranger. Since then, my favorite color is red.

(PS: Actually, that’s me. My favorite power ranger was the one in red.)


Do you actually see the effect?

Whenever you ask “why” after a “What/How” question, you’ll reveal every emotion and experience behind the answer. It’s not a difficult thing to do but the effect it creates is immensely powerful.

So I highly advise that you start using this technique in every social interaction you’ll encounter.

And yes… It’s also very effective on a date.

Other Creative Ways To Discover Your High Ranking Blog Post Ideas

Alright, you’ve learned the most important blog topic research strategy to get blog post ideas that are going to rank high on Google. But what if you’ve started from fresh and don’t have any customers yet?

There are definitely some other ways that you can take to get your blog post ideas from. You can also use the following strategies if you’re a business with a lot of clients. So just because I’m saying “other ways if you don’t have clients”, don’t block off these creative research channels.

Let’s get right into it.

Dig Deep Into Quora

I don’t need to explain this. People with all different problems are joining this platform to look for answers. There is a big chance that your future client has already asked their most important question.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put yourself into the shoes of your client.
  2. Brainstorm a couple of questions that he might ask.
  3. Be creative and combine different versions of the question.
  4. Search in Quora.
  5. Create a folder on your computer with the questions and the top answer.
  6. Just screenshot or copy-paste every information.
  7. Gather blog post ideas by repeating the process.


Let’s move on.

What Great Blog Post Ideas Are Search Engines Suggesting?

This is the “Keyword Suggestion Method”. If you already have some experience with social media and search engines (I’m joking), you’re probably aware that they are suggesting keywords or search queries.

Just go to Google and type “How to make…” and then wait.


There you go… The platform will suddenly give you some ideas about how people are completing the sentence.

  1. Search for a “How” question that your clients may be typing on Google/Youtube.
  2. Don’t complete the sentence. Leave it half empty.
  3. Wait for the suggestions to appear.
  4. Take notes on all the suggestions.
  5. Look for each on a Search Volume Tool to see how many people in a month are searching for that question.
  6. Choose your next few blog post ideas based on the search volume.

Got it?

How About The Blog Comments?

One of my favorite ways to gather blog post ideas is to go on well-visited blogs. What do I do there? When I find a relevant blog post, I scroll right down to the comments section.

If you’re on a great blog that’s focused on helping their customers and prospects, you’ll definitely read a lot of comments.

Some of those comments will include thoughts and questions. This is your goldmine!

Check for those types of comments and note them down.

  1. Brainstorm a “how-to” question that your customer might type into Google.
  2. How-to questions are generally blog posts. Click on the first blog post.
  3. Scroll down to the comments sections of the post.
  4. Look for relevant comments that include “thoughts and questions”.
  5. Save them into your Blog Post Ideas research file.
  6. Go back to your Google Search.
  7. Repeat until you finish the first page results.
  8. Continue to page 2 if you’d like to get more information.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Use this strategy today. You’ll get so much insight into your customer’s mind.

Other Ways To Do Customer Research That Reveal The Best Blog Topics

I’ve easily explained my favorite strategies in a 1-2-3 step format. There are also other ways to gather blog post ideas but if you follow the strategies above, you’re more than fine.

What else can you do?

  • Send a survey to your email list.
  • Ask questions in a relevant Facebook/LinkedIn group.
  • Cold call businesses and ask for an interview.
  • Check for testimonials on your competitor’s websites.
  • Once you find a testimonial on a competitor website, search the name on LinkedIn and connect with the person (ask for an interview later).

The list goes on and on… You have no excuses.

Choose one and start creating the GO-TO article about that one specific question in your customer’s mind.

(NOTE: To all our blog readers, we’re giving away a special offer. Our team will go through this process for you. Click here to get more information.)

Bonus Advice To Solve Research-Procrastination

For real… There is this one thing that holds people back from actually writing their masterpiece.

It’s research-procrastination.

People get stuck in this phase of content creation. There may be many reasons for this: Perfectionism, struggle to find relevant information, not being sure about the topic, etc…

Don’t worry.

If you follow our easy step by step process, you’re better off than most of your competitors. Your competitors are going to write about “what they think the customers are looking for”. While you’re are going to speak right into their minds.

To solve the procrastination problem, just give yourself one Pomodoro time. This equals to 25 minutes of FOCUSED researching time.

By focused-time, I mean that you should be ONLY researching… So put your phone away. Lock your doors. Get into research-mode.

I’m using the Be-Focused app for Mac. The free version is more than enough. Click here to check it out.

Give yourself another 25 minutes if you’ve not finished your blog topic research. But please, no more than 2 Pomodoro time blocks.


Your Homework – Generate Blog Post Ideas Now

Alright… We’re almost at the end of this post. I have one question for you to answer in the comments section below.

What strategy are you thinking of using first?

Optional: If you have any experience with one of the methods explained here, can you share your insights?

Also, let me know if you’d like to read the next step of our High Traffic Blog Post Formula.

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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    • Abhi

      Great post! Very helpful and tons of creative ideas on finding out the questions that our audience is asking. I really like your recommendation of using “Why?” to understand the passion and emotion behind something. Just used that question yesterday and was surprised with the engagement in the conversation. Thanks!

      • Alkan

        Great action-taking Abhi! Thanks for your comment. The question “why?” is deep. It can be used to REALLY understand the person in front of you. People in business often think other business owners are looking for sales and leads. There is way more to that wish. Thank you again for taking the time and reading the post.

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